Thursday, April 30, 2009

No new project...


There will be no new project i.e. craft, stitching or ummi will be concentrating on teaching Umair and Moustoffa before they seat for their exam maybe in 2 weeks times..Major exam??? lah only kindergarten exam...Oh by the way we are planning to go to the Zoo on Saturday (second time for the two brothers)..last visit was when they were still young..

Ayah has ordered ummi to prepare some assignment for them, so there are activities for the brothers to do while watching the animals..Ummi will update ya later..

Note: Image was not in a good quality as ummi used my hp to snap this picture. Preparing themselves before go to school..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Batu Pahat Stories...

This is the sequence of Balik Kampung stories...After went back to Muar then we headed to Kg Parit Jelutong, Parit Raja Batu Pahat Johor....This is kampung ayah..

As usual the kids were very experience for Umair and Moustoffa were about sembelih ayam...They saw their grandfather @ atuk ayah sembelih ayam...before this ummi has taught them about choosing and making sure about eating halal this is the next step for them about halal...

This is one of the activities..atuk ayah was cutting Moustoffa's hair.. unfortunately ummi forgot to snap Umair and Ahmad pictures..


This picture is about few Ultramans fighting with a monster..and Umair@Abang try to imitate Japanese letter..ader rupa ka ??

This is Umair's artwork..he loves to draw. If ummi give him an option between drawing and writing a letter, he will choose to draw...

I was shocked when I saw this.but as a mother I am really proud of his achievement..This is Moustoffa's really the FIRST masterpiece..

Can u guess what it is? I saw it as a colorful train..but he told me ... ummi ini air...Ummi imagine to much.

He is going to be 4 years old this coming June...



Finally I'm done with the blouse...I used chain stitch, satin stitch, backstitch and french knot for my embroidery project..I've downloaded cute clip art and use ziggy zoe fonts for the letter..what do u think?..Well for me this one is much better than my first one..

Note: Picture taken using DSLR Sony A200 and edited by ayah (hehehe ummi asked his favor to give a simple touch to the pictures)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots of posting...but ....


Ummi has been busy this few days probably until end of the week. Juggling my time between house chores, my sons, my new blouse project and updating my blog...

Since I'm still new in photoshop so it took a lots of my time just to edit a picture (to put few onto one pages..err.. I have a lots of stories to be put up but the pictures....I think no one cares right..

Ok see this is my new blouse project..I make the image smaller than my first one..what do u think..I am still learning..see my satin stitch...errr..still loose

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Model of 2009


Bonjour. J'espère que vous avez un jour grand et appréciez votre week-end.

I hope everyone have a great day today and enjoy your weekend. Oh unfortunately ayah has to work extra time. Since I don't have to cook heavy meal for lunch(usually I do if ayah is around) so I took my time to learn photoshop. Ayah is the expert so he'll be my reference.

I introduce you Nurul Amira Natasha ( I hope the spelling is correct). Unfortunately the spelling on her blouse was wrong :( . Tasha ..insya allah makngah will make another one for you ok....
She is my niece ( my youngest brother's daughter). Born December last year...

Argh...don't you think she is adorable...

P/S : Photo taken by ayah using DSLR Sony A200. Picture edited using photoshop - still at the learning stage.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on stitching project

Assalamualaikum... Welcome and good morning...Bienvenido y buenos días ..

Well.. Finally the blouse is done...Taraaa... this is my first blouse and my first doodle stitch..

Picture taken at my father's house..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


He never see mangosteen in real. So a bit odd for him ..we were lucky because the mangosteen tree has produced the fruit but not ripe yet..

See he was holding the fruit with curiosity..

Stories in Muar, Johor Malaysia


I'm back..after spend few days at Johor.

These are the activities done when we were at our hometown. Umair and Moustoffa were strolling at my father’s backyard garden. Some of the vegetables planted here are brinjal , yardlong beans, chili, ladyfinger and others.

They were so happy because they can play around with their cousins while enjoying the freshness air of our hometown. Birds chirping, chicken running around and neighbors kids happily playing together...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Balik Kampung...Oooo Balik Kampung


Today I'm quite busy packing stuff and our necessary for our journey. We are going back to Muar and BP.... Besides that ummi also had to wash the kids' shoes and school uniform earlier as we are coming home on Tuesday..

Ayah has informed me earlier to pack his stuff (DSLR and lenses) but ummi takut nak handle barang ayah maklumlah nak dapat pun susah :p

He is planning to snap the horn bill bird which have a few at my hometown in Muar..My parent's house just in front of the river..So hopefully the bird is still there...

So I'll be away for few days and I'll updated u guys when I'm back...Pray for our safety along the journey..

P/S : My stitching project is done but I'm waiting for ayah to shoot the picture because ayah's phone is far more clearer than mine...Err so far he never snap a picture using his toys..yang ada pun ummi amik dari file lama2... :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doodle Stitch


Hari ini ummi tak dapat nak buat entry pagi2..sebab project stitching yg tak siap2...byk sgt distraction setiap kali ummi nak pegang jarum dan this morning ummi siapkan cepat2 apa yg patut pastu terus start...tu pun tak siap lagi huhu..

Sebenarnya ummi buat stitch ni pd peasant blouse (I've got tutorial from Maya) nak bagi pd anak sedara yg berusia 3 bln when I go back to my hometown this weekend. Lama dah tak balik nearly 5 months..

Tapi so many things to do before balik kg... :O

Sikit je lagi.. siap part wording tu dah boleh jahit. Jahit pun simple jer.. Since pattern dia besar sket dan utk mengelakkan rashes maklumlah kulit baby so nanti ummi have to jahit double layer.. dah siap stitch bear tu baru terpikir kena buat double time ummi kena buat kecik sket and maybe bawah2 sket.. pattern tu ummi dapat from andrea zuill

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Cerita semalam tak abis lagi...Kul 4pm ummi start searching kat internet nak carik resepi coklat moist kek..decided to try zalisa's recepi dari myresepi but topping nyer ummi cari kat tpt lain sebab bahan tak cukup..

Inilah rupa kek yang ummi buat for Umair. Kek tu bentuk square but since the topping a bit cair so dia tumpah2 sket ke bawah.

So what did I do ? Ummi hiaskan yang part tumpah2 tu bentuk rambut and telinga... errr ummi tgk aderlah bentuknya..u all??

Acara memotong kek..sorry no candle and no blow2...sekadar nyanyi jer..

Nilah budak yang sibuk tanya bila nak makan kek but dia memang makan betul2...3 big pieces...

Abang, ummi not sure ..either kek tu tak sedap kat tekak dia or saja ngengada..

Tgk nilah 1st piece dia, pastu tak abis plak...dia cuma amik yg rice tu jer...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Bzday Umair 5 and stories

Assalamualaikum.. Hari ini bz day Umair..ummi dan ayah doakan semoga abang menjadi anak yang soleh taat pada Allah. Rasul. Ummi serta Ayah.. Sekarang abang dah ada cita2..nak jadi Bomba katanya. ..Last year Ummi sent him to tadika biasa...this year Ummi hantar gi tadika Islam..Dah banyak doa yang abang hafal..doa naik kenderaan..doa masuk tandas..doa keluar tandas..doa tido..bangun tido..doa makan..after makan..doa penerang hati..surah dah hafal 3..Alhamdulillah..semoga abang terus ingat sampai akhir hayatnya dan most important amalkan..

Shh...abang ader bantal bucuk..and yes abang kena pakai spec..tapi dia tak nak pakai..kalo ke sekolah jer baru dia nak pakai..tu pun kena paksa..(have to coz doc said rabun abang nih agak tinggi 100 for his age).. Masa mula2 kena pakai spec..ummi tak sangka he would have said this..sambil nangis... Abang tak nak pakai..nanti kawan2 ejek abang...abang malu..ummi tak sangka child at his age would have this kind of feeling..Maafkan ummi abang if I've been ignoring ur ummi pun cakap ...abang special pakai spec kawan2 tak pakai..abang pakai spec..lagi hensem..lastly after few pujukan and sedikit ketegasan from ayah .. abang pun pakai..

p/s : picture taken using DSLR Sony Alpha A200

Muffin o muffin lah muffin yang ummi kata nak buat memang sedap and very the senang..coz sukat2..pastu campak2..tuang2 and bake...cuma muffin ummi tak sekembang yang second time baked...oven tu ader tech prob lak..

So ummi pun panggil superhero ummi..Jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng..ayah pun datang menyelamatkan keadaan..cek tu cek ni alhamdulillah..boleh berfungsi balik oven ummi inilah hasilnya after baked..

Nak resepi??.. Ummi amik dari yani from to her for the yummilicious muffin

Bolehlah salin :-

Bahan-bahan ( 10 biji )

  • 200g coklat masakan
  • 70g mentega
  • 2 biji telur (suhu bilik)
  • 50g gula halus
  • 60g tepung gandum
  • 1 sudu kecil baking powder
Cara-cara :

1. Cairkan coklat. Gunakan kaedah "double boiler" .
2. Kemudian masukkan mentega. Kacau sehingga mentega cair. Selepas tu bolehlah panaskan oven sehingga suhu 170C.
3. Dalam mangkuk lain, masukkan telur dan gula. Kacau sampai sebati. Tak perlu sampai (kembang).
4. Masukkan telur ke dalam mangkuk coklat. Kacau biar campuran sebati.
5. Ayakkan tepung dan baking powder ke dalam mangkuk coklat. Gaul sehingga sebati.
6. Isikan adunan ke dalam bekas muffin sehingga 1/2 penuh atau 60% penuh. Bakar selama 20 minit.

Selepas masak tu, mungkin muffin ni lembik sikit( sebab hanya sedikit tepung yg digunakan) tapi bila dah sejuk dia akan keras dengan sendiri. Jadi kalau lepas 20 minit tu, masih lembik tak payah bakar semula.

Buat muffin utk Umair's schoolmates....Sedap n simple

Yesterday lunch

Yesterday I had this for lunch..Namanya Mee Kari..sebenarnya ayah yang teringin nak makan mee since for the past two days ni ummi sibuk with my stitching project and house chores so ayah tolong ummi dengan apa2 yang patut...such as em kapur kasut skolah (half way done coz kapur abis hehe)..em...basuh toilet..emm drove me to bandar utk beli bakery stuff..emm sediakan bahan untuk Mee Kari...what else yaa... or between that played game...apa erk nama gamenya Empire Earth...agaknyalah..

Tengkiu ayah for being so helpful..sayang genuk ummi nih...(I've never use this genuk word till I've got married with ayah-tahlah Javanesse use this word as panggilan manja as they told me :p).

Balik pada citer mee..ayah had two pinggan and ummi 1 1/2 ..half lagi bagi Apa (Moustoffa)..Abang memang takmo..apa saja selain yang dia biasa makan dia takmo..Err...banyaknyer makan ???..Heehehehe..lunch at 3pm and breakfast at 10am...paham2 jerlah..memang lapor betul.

Amacam meriah ngan kerang-kerangan...

Em..cuba teka apa dia buat...Sebenarnya dia tertido bawah kerusi waktu ummi sibuk buat stitching and ayah prepared bahan2 utk mee..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cahaya mata ku

Assalamualaikum..Selamat Pagi..Mushi mushi...

Haa...inilah hero2 ummi..kanan sekali Umair (5) , tengah Ahmad Faiq Ghazi(1 +) , kiri Moustoffa (4)..So far ummi belum ader rezeki nak dapat baby girl...insya allah akan datang yer tapi kena tunggu baby Ghazi besar dulu...

Umair dan Moustoffa memang rapat...Nama mereka just that..memang pendek...Ummi teringatkan buyut(panggilan for great grandfather or grandmother utk orang jawa) mereka (sebelah ayah) pernah cerita pada Ummi..satu hari ader sedara mereka buyut ni ceritalah dia dah ader cicit 2 orang. Waktu ni baby Ghazi belum lahir..Sambung balik citer yer..cucunya ayah Umairlah tu namakan anaknya satu Umair satu Mustapa..lorr..kok macam nama orang kampung (loghat jawa yer)..Ummi gelak jer waktu buyut ni citer...

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Esok bz' day Umair..Ummi cadangkan nak bagi muffin pada schoolmates dia..afternoon ni nak cuba buat so doakan yer..minta jadiklah muffin ni...hehehe first time nak buat muffin...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sarapan hari ini


Dengan lafaz bismillahirahmanirahim ummi menambah satu lagi blog di dunia maya salam perkenalan kepada sesiapa yang sudi datang melawat rumah ummi...

Hari ni ummi cuba buat donut..Sebenarnya sebelum ni pun ummi tahu buat donut tapi buat campak-campak jer err...rasanya faham kan..buat donut tak pakai scale..

Sebenarnya dah lama ummi nak buat donut yang gebu punya search dapatlah satu resepi dari blog nazira-story.So hari ni ummi pun cubalah buat..ada dua version satu salut gula satu filling cheese..Yang laku hanya salut gula..yang cheese heroes ummi sumer ummi ngan ayah ler kena abiskan...huhu bertambahlah lagi berat yang sedia berat nih.. :p

Resepi ni ummi ambil dari
Nazira story :

Resipi donat suria
3 cawan tepung gandum
2 sudu susu tepung (kedai jual bahan kek)
2 sudu gula halus ~caster
2 sudu shortening ~lemak sayuran, ini boleh cari di pasaraya..

Bahan **
200ml air suam
2 sudu yis segera
20ml~air tambahan kalau adunan tu keras

Campur semua bahan **** dan gaul sehingga sebati semuanya dlm 5 minit
Kemudian bahan ** campurkan dan sebatikan.

Bahan **** dan ** masukkan dlm satu bekas dan uli sehingga kental..kalau nampak mcm tak cukup air, sila tambah sikit demi sedikit air tu...jgn letak semua sekali gus...uli lagi sehingga kental

Perap sehingga adunan naik dlm 30minit - 1 jam

Uli semula dan terap/bentuk bulat2... rehatkan 10 minit

Goreng dlm minyak yg slow....