Friday, April 10, 2009

Balik Kampung...Oooo Balik Kampung


Today I'm quite busy packing stuff and our necessary for our journey. We are going back to Muar and BP.... Besides that ummi also had to wash the kids' shoes and school uniform earlier as we are coming home on Tuesday..

Ayah has informed me earlier to pack his stuff (DSLR and lenses) but ummi takut nak handle barang ayah maklumlah nak dapat pun susah :p

He is planning to snap the horn bill bird which have a few at my hometown in Muar..My parent's house just in front of the river..So hopefully the bird is still there...

So I'll be away for few days and I'll updated u guys when I'm back...Pray for our safety along the journey..

P/S : My stitching project is done but I'm waiting for ayah to shoot the picture because ayah's phone is far more clearer than mine...Err so far he never snap a picture using his toys..yang ada pun ummi amik dari file lama2... :D

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