Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinner at Al-Rawsha

Assalamualaikum..Last weekend was a very busy one..hehe since ayah already got bon-bon.... so we decided to buy a printer..so on Friday after Jumaat prayer we headed to Low Yatt Plaza..

On the way traffic was smooth but we got stuck at the junction near the Low Yatt Plaza..seems like everybody wanted to shopping around this area..aduih...then the car park was full so ayah has to park at Sungei Wang...just imagine if u have to carry things with 3 small kids with u ....errr...everybody were very tired..ummi pun pancit..

After maghrib at Masjid Alam Shah we went for dinner at Al-Rawsha Jalan Damai KL...Arabian cuisine..for me food was so so jer..oo in the menu they put hot dishes..but mine one was cold...makanan banyak..1 plate boleh makan 2 adults..prices...emmm pricey lah for me...errrr services need to be improved...

Tengoklah aksi-aksi mereka...they can't sit still....

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