Saturday, June 13, 2009

Handmade Pencil Case With Felt Applique


Ummi has been working on this for 3 days and finally today it's done...Mostly materials ummi used to make this pencil case are recycled..Ayah's old pair of trousers dah dekat 4 tahun tak pakai...lining I cut from the tote bag which ayah received from the OGA (Oil and Gas) Exhibition..sekali dapat memang byk tote beg nih ader lah dlm 7-8 beg...zipper from the ribbon embroidery starter kit which I bought last year tapi tak buat2 lagi kusyen nyer... :p

I did for Umair first and Moustoffa's is on the way..maybe within this few days..

p/s : If u are interested with any of my handmade do drop me an email.