Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Amazing Baby...


I'm taking a break by writing this entry. Tonight wanna talk about baby Ghazi. He is I year and nearly 4 months old. Well compare to his brothers Ghazi's development is more faster than his brothers..He started to walk at the age of 11 months, his brothers only started to walk after 1 year old. Eat solid food i.e nasi at the age of 1 year and 2 months old (err I know baby should not eat nasi at this stage but he doesn't want to eat anything that look or taste watery - porridge or infant cereal. But ummi notice the faster I gave my kids eat solid food the faster their molar tooth come out.

I'd remember I've got chicken pox when Ghazi was still in my womb. I was pregnant 5 months and the doctor was a bit concern. Alhamdulillah Ghazi born healthy and well. Ummi nearly gave birth in a car..

Well now he knows how to hold a pencil and scribble. When I took this picture, each time the flash came out he said will dah.. ( meaning finish).. and for the very first time tonight he gave me his bottle asking for susu..hehehe..One more thing about Ghazi he will call everybody ayah including me!

So enjoy this picture..Just cut his hair (terpendek nih dek takut ngan india yang potong rambut tu)

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