Friday, August 28, 2009

Cosmetic Case


Jumaat yang berkat di bulan yang mulia...Pagi ni hujan since sahur till now 8.35am..Cuaca sejuk sgt yelah sejuk2 pun still on kan kipas..

Anyway this morning ummi nak update about my cosmetic case..It is 13cm height x 7 cm width x 20cm length..waktu buat case ni susah jugak..byk kali redo template to get the exact measurement requested by Kak Lily..Anyway this is my first cosmetic case..The problem I'm facing here is during the sewing..sebab kain di lining (in fact all my cases ada lining) the measurement lepas jahit akan lari sikit..Alhamdulillah I've got thru all the obstacle..

Actually case ni dah 2 minggu siap but Ummi can't hand it over to the owner because she is been quarantine.

So here are the pictures..

Front view..

Side view..

P/S : Ummi akan update my first square tote bag after picture been taken later. After this I have to finish Kak Mai's order then concentrate on making baju raya for myself and ayah..For boys, tok mak insisted to make 2 pairs each..alhamdilillah.. ^_^

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