Friday, November 12, 2010

Mini Handcarry Bag 2nd and Personalized Frame


It has been few months since after raya, I did not make any craft or even sew. Alhamdulillah recently, ummi dapat few order and this is really helping me to overcome the mix feeling which I've wrote in my previous entry and help me to clear out my mind. Okay tidak mahu bercerita panjang, let's continue work done since last 2 weeks.

Firstly nak share this personalized frame for 8r photo. Photo taken during PASTI's sports day last week and edited by husband. Deco by me.

Below are Puan Liza's order i.e mini hand carry bag and felt keychain with teachers and her daughter's name. Selamat sampai kepada tuan punya today and she likes it. Thanks again to Puan Liza for her support and insya allah I'll share with you guys her free gift. Tak buat lagi coz tak sempat and I'll try to make it before Monday.

Bags with felt appliqu├ęs.

Felt keychain size approximately 3 1/2 inch (long) x 1 1/2 inch (height). RM4.00 each. I thought of using an eyelet and key ring but since the cover area is to narrow so I've to change it to ribbon.

From Alya with lots of loves....special gift for someone special.


Yati said...

cantik frame dan bag ummi buat.
Jadi, ummi nak terima permanent job tu ke? (Yati ternampak status ummi di FB).

Wan Anis Sorfina said...

sgt comellllll laaaaaaaaaaa

Ummi-Izah said...

hem entahlah yati...sekarang ni dpt byk order plak..tapi saya dah reject offer tu sebab dia nak bagi gaji less RM100 dari yg saya minta...dia kata nanti dia consider balik...adoi....saya pun tak tahu nak pikir apa lagi...

che wan....jgn pengsan...jgn pengsan...nanti susah abi najla plak...hehehe