Thursday, October 6, 2011

Personal Medical Documentation for Muhammad Adzbin Muaz


For my future reference, I would like to document here in my blog all the medical treatment Adzbin Muaz has gone thru from new born til now.

He was delivered with natal teeth and according to this website the average is one is every 2000 newborn babies. So he was very lucky tho to be chosen as one.

Chronology for his medical treatment :

Age of 3 days - Brought him to the birth place center for his 1st BCG and Hep B dose.

Age of 8 days - Went to hospital for Jaundice and Natal Teeth treatment. Admitted for 24 hours. Doctor remove the natal teeth. Gave him small dose of anesthetic thru injection and cut it off. After that he was admitted in NICU and went for photo-therapy for his Jaundice. His bilirubin was 355 during the admission and drop to 285/287 when we were discharged.

Age of 9 days - Instructed by the hospital to go to the health clinic at my place, nearest is in Rawang for repeat blood test. Result was 240.2. Asked by the doctor to come again within 2 days time.

Age of 12 days - Repeat blood test. Result was 243.7. Increase. I'm worried. Had unpleasant experience. Had to be prick twice. Cried wildly due to the defect of the first tools.

Age of 1 months - Brought him to Klinik Jelita back at my hometown for his 1 month shot. 2nd dose of Hep B.

Age of 2 months and 9 days - Brought him to Poliklinik Ilham at Tasik Puteri due to his coughing. Was given dyphenhydramin and Parmol suspension.

Age of 2 months and 10 days - Blisters came out. Owh..Muaz get chicken pox. Continue with his medicine and use Ahmad's calamine lotion.

Age of 2 months and 14 days - Cough get worse. Voice turn hoarse. Brought him to Aniza Medical Centre located at Bukit Sentosa Bukit Beruntung. My old place. Hoping to see Dr. Aniza but she was not around. Doctor Sharifah told me he got asthma. Was given doilin (if not mistaken) and ventolin thru nebuliser to resolve his phlegm. Doctor prescribed for Bisolvan, Cephalexin 125, Piriton 4mg and Calamine lotion from the pharmacy. Actually the doctor is not a pediatrician so I'm quite worried with all those medicine given to Muaz. Suggested me to bring Muaz to Klinik Medic for follow up on the next day.

Age of 2 months and 15 days - Brought him to Klinik Medic 24-7 at Bandar Country Homes. Attended by Dr. Ryan. Not a pediatrician. Lung is clear. seek for his advise. Doctor ask me to continue giving Muaz dyphenhydramin and Axol. Reached home and found out that I'll forget to inform him that I've Bisolvan. Rang him to confirm. Stop Bisolvan and give Axol.

Pray to Allah Muaz get well soon. amin.

Today he vomitted few times and cry whenever he cough or being given a medicine. Poor baby :(

Note : Mind my english yaa.. :p

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