Thursday, March 22, 2012

Food{ography} or Food{tography}?


Getting bored with old style look of me taking food pictures, so me trying this new presentation..using photoshop (still not as expert as my husband but I still managed to come out with this pictures).

I have tried photoshop CS3 (errr I know they have the latest version) but me like the old version, even have tried picasa (lately been using more picasa than CS3) and Microsoft Office Picture Manager but I think CS3 is still the best..

Last week while googling some recipes, me encountered this website, combining food and photography and I love all their pictures. So inspired from them I work out on this new presentation. What do you think? Confession...yes I know lots more to be improved but I am sure, practice makes perfect..

By the way, why on earth am I writing in English...well this is one way of me making sure I don't forget my English... mind my grammar ok..being a professional homemaker, I seldom use English in my day to day life..reading yes but speaking and writing, can count with my that's why I always write my FB status in English..not to show off but to practices..

Ok stop mumbling...lets see the pictures..

I think it would be great if the picture is in portrait style rather than landscape, so it would look exactly like magazine cover..but me yet to discover how to do that in CS3..I've tried to rotate the canvas but it doesn't come out the way I wanted it to be..sifuu I need your help (referring to my soulmate > my husband.    
Ahmad said it looks like a monkey...hemmm but I wanted it to look like a clown...what say you?

which one ? clown or this so called petite pie..
Since husband bought a DSLR I never really learn it formally..after few years..I've discovered on how to change the exposure and ISO by myself....ya...yaa...I know..I am slow...but better than nothing..and most of all my initiative to learn..


Wan Anis Sorfina said...

amazing photos ~ thumbs up!

Ummi-Izah said...

wan...thank you for the compliments..kena cahaya byk...