Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Uji Resepi : Levain Bakery NYC, Chocolate Chips


Last week was a very productive week for recipes experimentation. Feel frustrated as my earlier post has gone into the wind..

Em..Ummi watched this programme - Throwdown with Bobby Flay at Li channel..and this time he versus Levain Bakery New York City in making tremendous Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies. They have mentioned that the taste is different than the normal choc chips. This one taste chewy gooey..rather than crisp like usual..

Okaylah, ummi follow recipe from Judy's kitchen..jauh sgt beza cookies ummi than Judy or Levain..Levain punya seberat 6 oz (kalau tidak silap)..besar sgt.. Okaylah if you google the recipe, mat saleh out there even have forum about this cookies..

Umair cakap " Ummi buat biskut ni tak jadilah" hehe gelak pulak bila dengar dia cakap...Actually this is the exact textures that I am seeking for...My internet coverage is not excellent today and my baby is making lots of sound to get my attention..I am ending this entry with my ala Levain cookies..and the image of the original Levain's cookies..

Tempting isn't it? Credit goes to Creamandsugar.ca website for this picture.

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