Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Day @ Terry Fox Run, KL 2012


Today whole family woke up early than usual as we need to prepare for Terry Fox Run event. Held at Padang Merbok KL.Since we are staying at Rawang so we thought we need to drive there early.

We reached there around 7.45am minus 15 min which En. Ayah spent at his office because he needs to collect his polarizer. Otherwise we could be at Padang Merbok 15 minutes ealier..It's kind a difficult to find a parking space so Mr. Driver just park besides the road near the entrance of Tugu Negara and we walked to the field..

Ini kali kedua Ummi join aktiviti larian charity..kali pertama waktu ummi kerja dgn HLA...yang this time pula pergi under company En. Ayah..and first times for the kids..

Okaylah dapat meregangkan badan sebab dah lama berkarat..and most important..we are supporting Terry Fox cause..So ini adalah sebahagian dari gambar kenangan sewaktu larian ...eih silap sewaktu jalanan..


Flag Off

Bersemangat tu.

Baby walk


Mr. Terry Fox read here for more of his inspirational story

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