Saturday, June 21, 2014

Handmade Jig Roll An Ideal Handmade Gift To Your Husband, Dad or Bros


My Husband loves fishing..these few months he had started his old hobby again..He had not been fishing for 10 years and now he is refreshing his hobby with our boys:-).. Good outdoor and bonding activities between father and sons..

Today 21 June 2014, my husband went for his first Islands Jigging Trip with his fellow colleagues and team. Eventhough I am not so into fishing, but Am trying my best to adapt this new rage with few terms and conditions..Win win situation.

Allright to show some support with T & C heee I've made him a Handmade Jig Roll..If you have with the same hobby you can make this yourself. It's also great for Father's Day, Birthday or perhaps Teacher's Day if you know your teacher's interest.

Lets scroll down. This is not a tutorial but merely an ideas to inspire you talented crafter out there. Use handmade crayon roll as a reference with some modifications.

Mister was arranging his jigs :-). I am using canvas fabric. You may use something strong and maybe non wet material.  Mister give a green light for canvas I used as he will wash and dry this roll after using it

You need to measure the longest Jig so that you can perfectly slot it. I've made about 20 slots with pocket in the front. You can place small jig here. Did you see the 2 purple lines in between the slots. I just sew it straight. Just follow the line. Some Jig is quite bulky so you need little empty space in between for your ease when you roll it.

Sew the edge of the top flap so it won't easily open and jig won't out slide out easily. Jig has smooth and shiny body.

All the treasures stay safely inside.

Only found this image today. Selling on ebay.  Some of the features might be useful. Like adding velcro tape around. Add some non slippery material at the edge of the slots. And add carabiner so you can hang to your belt..But if you have 20 jig in the roll you might don't want to hang it to your belt hehe.

 Father sons activity.

 Boys excited caught some fishes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Uji Resepi : Gulai Kawah Daging Versi Terengganu


 Waktu berada di Terengganu ummi sempat pergi ke Pasar Payang dan beli rempah gulai kawah serta nasi dagang. So hari ini ummi cubalah masak gulai kawah. Ikut je resepi yg disertakan bersama rempah itu..Rasanya mcm tak sama dengan gulai kawah yg biasa ummi makan..Err ada beza ke versi kelantan dan terengganu...?

Anyway kalau terasa nak mencuba bolehlah follow resepi dlm gambar..sori ya malas nak taip balik..Satu lagi kalau nak masak gulai kawah dan lauk nasi dagang kalau masak setakat guna rempah kari biasa memang tak rasa umphh nya..sebab dua masakan ni guna campuran rempah khas..

Ummi beli rempah ni daripada kedai Warisan PakLeh di Pasar Payang..Banyak rempah kisar yg beliau jual..dan yg datang membeli pun beli pakai kilo..meaning orang berniagalah tu..hajat hati nak beli rempah yg timbang-timbang..tapi ada sorang kakak ni approach ummi (err but not so friendly)..dia tunjuk ummi rempah yg siap pack dgn resepi sekali..dia bg tau rempah pek dengan timbang sama beli jelah..tak yah nak google-google resepi lagi kan..

Anyway inilah air tangan ummi hasil eksperimen tadi..

Gulai Kawah Daging Versi Terengganu.

Rempah Cap Tempayan Emas..Pak Leh proses sendiri.

Ummi follow je resepi ni..